Planet Mark 2021 Business Certification

We’re proud to announce that we’ve achieved the Planet Mark 2021 Business Certification. This is an incredible achievement involving the entire business.

The Planet Mark Business Certification is an internationally recognised sustainability certification for business acknowledging continuous progress, encouraging action and building an empowered community of like-minded individuals.

In this crucial #DecadeofAction, measuring our own carbon footprint has been a critical step in reducing our impact on the planet and society.

Through Planet Mark we have protected an area of endangered rainforest thanks to Cool Earth; a charity working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation. Our pledge through Cool Earth goes directly towards supporting the Asháninka community in Central Peru.

Through our commitment to Planet Mark we are also helping the Eden Project – an educational charity building connections with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work together towards a better future.

We want to continue to have a positive impact through our business and hope that we can empower our community to take climate action. We hope that you will join us in this movement for change.

Each and every one of you has contributed to our achievement in becoming Planet Mark certified, and will continue to play an important role in our sustainability commitment.

We encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions you’d like to share with us, or to join us on this exciting journey of sustainability. Together, we are a collective force for good.

World Land Trust

We are pleased to announce our second year supporting the WORLD LAND TRUST.

We are supporting World Land Trust through the business as one of our initiatives to address our environmental impact. In 2020 we funded the protection of 11 acres of threatened habitat in Zambia through WLT’s Buy an Acre programme, and in 2021 we have made a commitment to fund the protection of a further 8 acres of land, and we invite our clients to support Buy an Acre too.

So far we have 100% sign up with our current clients with more to come.

With individual and company donations, World Land Trust has been able to purchase and protect 2,222,247 acres of tropical rainforest and other threatened habitats that would have been lost.


Moor Trees

On a more local level we are we are pleased to announce our new CARBON partnership with the MOOR TREES. We are working with the team here to more than offset our office carbon footprint and travel carbon footprint of our Site Managers.

Moor trees aim to restore native broadleaf woodland by growing trees from locally collected seed in our community tree nurseries, and planting them as new woodland on private and public land. These trees are provided free of charge for woodland planting and restoration schemes


Our Efforts

We have changed our utility supplier to a green energy company – the next step is to ensure that all our sites change to green utility providers too.

Whilst the above may not solve everything we think it is better than nothing.

As a construction business we have experience of many eco techniques and technologies which we can extrapolate on and also support a number of local objectives.