World Land Trust

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with the WORLD LAND TRUST.

We are supporting the World Land Trust through the business as one of our initiatives to offset our Carbon footprint. As part of our support we are purchasing an acre of land for each project we carry out and asking our clients to match this donation with us.

So far we have 100% sign up with our current clients with more to come.

With individual and company donations the World Land Trust has been able to purchase and protect 774,000 acres of tropical rainforest and other threatened habitats that would have been lost.


Moor Trees

On a more local level we are we are pleased to announce our new CARBON partnership with the MOOR TREES. We are working with the team here to more than offset our office carbon footprint and travel carbon footprint of our Site Managers.

Moor trees aim to restore native broadleaf woodland by growing trees from locally collected seed in our community tree nurseries, and planting them as new woodland on private and public land. These trees are provided free of charge for woodland planting and restoration schemes


Our Efforts

We have changed our utility supplier to a green energy company – the next step is to ensure that all our sites change to green utility providers too.

Whilst the above may not solve everything we think it is better than nothing.

As a construction business we have experience of many eco techniques and technologies which we can extrapolate on and also support a number of local objectives.